Colorado Plains Whitetail Hunting


Hunting whitetail near Limon, Colorado. This area is more of a plains type habitat with a deep creek running zig zag through it. We had to cover a lot of ground, hiking 6-8 miles a day, going up and down that creekbed multiple times a day. It was also darn cold for this Central Texas girl. I was layering and unlayering multiple times a day to keep temps regulated when hiking vs sitting and glassing. 

 The hunting was difficult as you are spotting animals at 600-1000 yards and trying to work the creekbed and crawl to get within shooting range. There were very few trees, none of which were evergreens, so no help as far as cover! You also had to be very careful walking and not trip or step your foot into prairie dog holes. They were EVERYWHERE. I collected a few skulls for one of my grandsons. 

I was fortunate and was able to get within 295 yards and make a clean shot and kill. One of the challenges of hunting out of a hotel is taking care of your meat... you guessed it, I cleaned my meat in the bathtub. I am sure housekeeping would have flipped if they knew! There are a few photos of  the landscape, the field prep, working the spotting scope, and the ever important "notching the tag". Buck soup tastes so much better than tag soup! 

We stayed in Limon at the Comfort Inn, which was great, but the highlight was our daily dinners at Oscar’s, which is really a great restaurant! The owner is super nice as well!!!